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Upcoming Classes

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Hey there! The class sign up and payment system is new to me and I am still working out kinks. If you have ANY trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to me ( and I will help you get registered or fix any error!                              

Exercise your creativity in an encouraging, upbeat exercise-driven ONLINE class for adult writers of all levels and genres.

Sign up for any and all times and dates that work for you! Each Workout is $20. 


Want to learn more? Read about why I started these Workouts and more about what to expect.

Monday Mornings | ONLINE

Fill up your coffee mug, plan to head in to work a little bit late, and start your week out write

Thursday Lunch Hour | ONLINE

An end of the week pick-me-up! Use your lunch break to do some writing. 


Why Workouts?

It all started with an exercise class. I've been taking exercise classes (the kind where you move your body to music) taught by Anna, my neighbor. Anna's classes are upbeat and fun with a great soundtrack.

Even though they are online, they are taught live, and there's something about having to "show up" at a certain time that keeps me accountable. (To be honest, paying for them also helps me make them a priority.)

As I reflected on Anna's classes, I thought about why I liked them so much and wanted to try to translate that experience into a writing class. Why not carve out time to exercise our writing skills? Why not have a fun soundtrack and an upbeat instructor? Why not make this time special and precious by setting it aside? 

So I decided to give it a go! I hope you will join me for one or some or all of my Workouts this summer.


What can you expect? Expect to write for most of our 45 minutes together. Expect interesting, challenging prompts that are suitable for adult writers of all genres and experience levels. Expect some background music. Expect a good time.

And maybe, just maybe, I will wear a sweatband.

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