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10/7 - Look Better

[For step one, you can either watch the video here or just read the instructions]

1. Write down a few adjectives (words that describe things) for each of the seven items on the list below.







Move through them quickly—just write down the first words/ideas that come to mind when you see them, even if it’s boring or expected.

2. Go through your list. It’s likely that some of your descriptions don’t feel very original. That's totally normal!

3. Now, take another look at each item. Really consider how you see it; move past what you expect to see. Perhaps the sun isn't just a yellow circle, it's the splatter of a drop of paint on a blue tile? Maybe the night sky isn't really black—instead, it's the color of tea that has steeped too long? Come up with new descriptions for each item, challenging yourself to see it and show it in a fresh way.


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